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Diner @ the castle

Carmen welcomes you literally at her home

Evening restoration on reservation

From monday to saturday.

Also for guests who aren't staying at the hotel.

We only work with fresh products and offered by the (local) market, so these menus can change slightly.

If you have any allergies, please let us know in advance.

Wines and water are included in the price!

Bistro diner

Bistro dinner

Aperitif with appetizers       Tatakin of tuna - veal - candied tomato - green herbs
  Monkfish - tarragon - kohlrabi - crispy parmigiano
Cod - asparagus - buttermilk smush of Polder potato - muslin from dashi
Chef’s dessert

€ 95

You can book this menu from Monday to Friday evening


Refined diner

Refined dinner


Aperitif with appetizers
Smoked eel - mashed cauliflower - cucumber - ponzu - pickles
Brill - sea lavender - fregola - leek - goat cheese
Lobster - green asparagus - wild garlic - green pea - samphire
Irish beef - celeriac - yellow carrot - braised chicory

Chef’s dessert

€ 120

 You can book this menu from Monday to Saturday evening