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Your wellness is our care

Recharging the batteries with the 5 elements

De vijf elementen

The five elements can be considered as a refinement of the principle of Yin and Yang. Each of the five elements belonging to a type of chi energy. The idea behind the five elements is difficult to explain, because just like yin and yang, not one but many thoughts are hidden behind these five elements.

They are like the seasons (autumn being divided into two seasons): spring, summer, early autumn, late autumn and winter. But they are also compared to the time of the day, or the direction of the sun (rising from east to south, falling, and wracked night).

The best way to sense of the elements is by the warmth of the sun reflecting (whether at a particular time of the  day, or the location in the season).


Wellnessinstitute Phyto 5

The Oriental concept of health and beauty originates from Ancient China and has been refined through the ages. Health and long life have always been cherished the most in the East; beauty has always been associated with health.

Beauty was considered to be the ultimate reflection of a perfect balance between physical, psychic and mental health.

Beauty develops when these three factors are in perfect harmony. Health is the source of beauty.

‘Phytobiodermics’ is a collection of skin-care products for face, head and body. The starting idea is the energetical principle of Chinese medicine, where the body is considered to be both matter and energy. The 'Yin' and 'Yang' theory and the '5 Elements' theory ( Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water ) form the basic principles of the Phytobiodermic method.

Based upon this method, Hotel manoir Ogygia opens its new and specialised beauty institute 'Phyto5'.

Spoil yourself and do it the way you want ! Discover how you will become one with yourself ! Choose from a range of arranged packages, or select your choice of care treatments.


Lubricating the body or ‘abhanga’ is called ‘snehana’ which literally means ‘love’.

Specific movements will bring your energy level back in balance on a physical, mental as well as on a spiritual level.

It will relieve you from fatigue, bring tranquillity in times of stress and insomnia. It will equally strengthen your immunity and look after your skin.

Every massage requires a personal approach and every client will be consulted on its realization.

The massage consists of a series of techniques given by experts who massage you intuitively and energetically in a healing and harmonising manner.

What does this contain?

  • a relaxing, revitalising and harmonising full body massage
  • a warm welcome
  • a cup of herb tea
  • relaxing foot bath, with a base of herbs
  • discussing the personal treatment according to your biorhythm
  • external care with ethereal oils, hot lava stones, herbal stamps, chroma therapy and pressure point massage.

An optimal (duo-)massage will last for 2 hours and costs €140 pp. A 1 hour massage costs €90 pp. Non-residents can also make use this formula.

Therapeutic Phoenix seat

The PHOENIX is a therapeutic seat. This ergonomic seat os modeled to the human body. The table top is a heated stone topped with semi-precious stones. An umbrella with infrared lamps, color therapy and moonlight, makes this a revolutionary invention.